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Today I wrote a #CreatorSpotlight in celebration of Nick Pitera's newest music video! 󾌧

Posted by Laura Jolly on Thursday, April 7, 2016

art by otakatt

About Me

My journey started in California where I was born, continued in Honolulu, Hawaii where I grew up, jumped across the country (and an ocean) to Philadelphia where I built a career, and now has come full circle upon my return to the Bay Area of California.

I am a driven, independent learner with a unique skill set blending creative design, analytical thinking, and empathetic communication.

An active participant in the independent artist community, I enjoy supporting my favorite creators on Patreon, engaging through social media, attending events, and blogging insights and trends here on my personal site.

I’m fond of blues and swing dancing, reading novels, attending theatre and music performances, and occasionally singing and playing guitar badly for my cats.


More email and landing page samples are available upon request, for copyright reasons – please send me an email.

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Now here’s something cool Piper Thibodeau is trying out on her Patreon page: GIF’s of her works in progress! She posts daily drawings publicly, and works in progress for her $1+ patrons, and now she’s trying out combining the WIP images into a GIF progression. And it’s awesome! If you do WIP for your patrons,

One of the things I like seeing is when creators can really keep perspective on their career and following. One of the creators I love supporting posted to his Patreon this week that he tries to never be numb to the numbers. 10,000 views on a YouTube video is TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE watching! (You know, give

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